Good Morning! No hurry. We don’t have guests ,don’t hurry anywhere. ( that is we have only 10 days until next guests’ arrival…..).I got up late. Darling got up earlier ,but I think it is his habit. I asked a little massage from my husband,he did it for a while ,I will be given it next time in the evening again. 🙂 Tomi is awaken ,I feel the smell of the fried eggs. So it is good feeling to wake up in this way. During breakfast we discussed the daily duties,then I dressed up like a snowman and me and Tomi went to the laundry and the shop ( it is 3-village away from here-by dinghy). Well,it was so adventurous. 😀


Our biggest experience has been surfing on the waves of the sea today. On one of the waves we jumped so much as if we had flown. Unfortunately I could only take a video of laughing after it.:) Meanwhile I was looking at my phone where to moor the dinghy. We passed below a bridge to a fishing boat port ,but when we got off ,faced that that was a military area and we weren’t allowed to stop there.

Well, reconsideration, back below the bridge and we found the ideal moorage .


From here the laundry was 9-minute walking. I took some photos underway. La Spezia is a small,lovely town.

In the laundry everything went easily and fast ,we threw the bedclothes separating the colourful  ones and went to an another 10-minute walking to the shop. On the way we passed across a street which is similar to Váci street …..where I saw a beautiful dress. It was a very lovely view. :)))


(I would seem like a UFO wearing gum boots and heavy coat in a pedestrian precinct ,but I don’t bother ) and we came along a market like Lehet square. I bought bread there.

I felt some smell because today I can smell every kind of scent (unfortunately). 😀 I looked behind and an old lady was boweling the seafood. HUHHH…


We found everything in the shop ,which we needed ,then went to the laundry. We took the laundry into the dryer and sat down to wait for half an hour. Meanwhile we were reading articles,telling stories and laughing. I don’t know what time it is ,but at last the drying is ready.  Let’s go to the dinghy. We hoped that it wasn’t stolen because the port is next to a busy road and there is no fence. Fortunately, everything was on their place as we left. 🙂 Meanwhile an Americal couple was taking photos of us boarding into the dinghy  and sailed away. Returning back the sea was calm and I have already voice as well,so I can get tired Tomi. 😀

A photo of fish settlement…


Darling had already been waiting for us. We packed then sat down to discuss the further doings. We planned when we started from there and where . I called plenty of ports to learn the prices there in Italy and France as well. So the planning is easier. Tomi started to make peas vegetable-dish while I was hoovering and tidying. Darling went on planning. After lunch we started to clean the bathrooms. It took an hour to be clean again…,but it is ready. Tomorrow we are going to tidy the living room and the kitchen then I am going to the laundry to wash the covers of the matresses.

It is 7 p.m.,dinner time. Tomi is making pancake. Yummy! After the hard cleaning and tidying I enjoy it. Thanks for Tomi. 🙂IMG_7743

Since today is Halloween,I suggested Tomi going to the city what event is ,then he replied “OK.” I was surprised ,but by the time we had eaten pancake ,I felt it wasn’t a good idea. 🙂

In exchange I found out my next Halloween inspiration photo and I am going to wear it ! ou can pin me down to my word!!! 🙂 i LOVE IT!!!!!


Have a great fun ,I attach this beautiful photo and Sweet Dreams! We go to take a shower and do free time activity…