I wish I could write some interesting today,but we have had a similar disappointingly day than yesterday. 😀 We did almost the same . The difference was we were lying down in the bed until 9 a.m. because under the blanket it is so soft and warm that nobody would want to get out of the bed. Usual breakfast,discussing relate to daily doings ,tidying,cleaning….Then we cleaned the cabins completely ,pulled the cover down from the sponge of the beds  and Me and Darling went to the laundry . The daily schedule is almost the same than yesterday . We moored and walked to the laundry , exchanged cash and threw them into the machines ,meanwhile we left Tomi on the deck to do what he wanted. There are lots of task….

We were waiting for the washing , went to the Chinese restaurant on the opposite side and made Darling eat tasty chicken with courgette, eggs and rice. It was very tasty! Then back to the laundry , we took the covers into the dryer and went to buy some cheese in the shop where we were last day. 😀 It is terribly exciting, isn’t it?? After the second round we had collected the bedclothes and returned to the dinghy.  There have been plenty of tourists on the coast today as well, they were looking at us throwing the sacks onto the dinghy and sailed away toward nothing. 🙂

During these travellings I position than the jockeys and jump easily . It would be worth seeing. Darling is sitting behind me and sails easily by one hand against the waves . As I have mentioned ,we will pass 3-village distance (2,5 sea miles) on the sea and it takes max. 12 minutes by this speed. 😀 I would show the travelling on video by pleasure ,but probably my Mum would have heart attack. Be calm, I am safe with Darling! 🙂

After we returned to the ship ( at 5 p.m.) ,Tomi had already made lunch ,which was Carbonara ,of course I had it with tomato and after I had eaten ,I ate Carbonara again. 😀  The boys had eaten pancake after it and we started to tidy. The most difficult task was pulling the covers back to the sponges. The covers were probably smaller during the washing or drying ,so we were suffering from pulling the covers back .After all ,we heisted everything from the spare room and set all our medicines out ( the unknown medicines by Mum’s help) . Well, it was that wonderful day.

I lit two candles in remembrance of my grandparents . One- one candle has been burnt for everybody tonight. Darling and Tomi got candles as well. Quiet minutes followed…


After all, I didn’t overdo the doings. Shower and sleeping followed it. … Dear my loved ones stand sentinel our dreams whom we can’t see any more in life.