I can’t remember the morning ,it was so long time ago ,but the clock rang early and Tomi served the tasty breakfast at 8 a.m. as usual . Today we have breakfast scrambled eggs with yogi tea. :)After all, I lied down in the bed again and while we were sailing in the sea ,I was in my cabin almost all along. When I dared go up to the cockpit to get a bit of air ,the south sandwich ( with sausage) was made. I got my Greek hoard gumdrop,which is always good… 🙂


Then I was stuck outside and we got the port of Cogolin. We are beside St.Tropez ,which we will discover next day. Today I have to finish the rules of the road tasks,so I won’t go to sightsee with the others.

Our arrival can be said to have been smooth thanks to my French knowledge. I don’t know what somebody does if he/she can’t speak their language. Especially not by phone and radio. 😀 So I announced our arrival by radio ,asked place too ,but only one man was free then. He said (rather he shouted from the coast) that they need our papers and only after it he can give a free place to us. OK! Darling backed the ship to a pier-head and I jumped out as usual in case. The man and me went to the office to arrange the papers. Then he escorted me back to the jetty and he showed us where our place is. Darling backed the ship to pick me up and I jumped onto Kundalini. 🙂 We got place among the big ships again….It is good because it is saved at least. Darling backed the ship easily to the narrow place ans then we moored. It was a teamwork.

After all, Tomi started to make lunch ,meanwhile Darling carried Mum by Dinghy ,Dany stayed here to telephone . I was doing the rules of the road tasks until I could,then one hour later the goulash soup was ready. 🙂 Everybody is on the board again, let’s have lunch. For a main dish it was noodle with cottage cheese,but I ate it with poppy-seed!    IMG_9728

I don’t like cottage cheese….So that happened in the afternoon. After lunch Darling and Dani discussed what to do ! 🙂 Only they know this. Tomi and Mum went to do the shopping ,I stayed on the board to do the rules of the road tasks. My brain can’t endure these many tests for a long time ,but I won’t have finished by midnight…. Darling will help me if he finishes everything. For dinner we ate only soup,then everyone went to take a shower and do anything what to want.

It is 10 p.m.,I am still sitting here and I am getting tired of it. However ,I will have had to end all of my moduls by next morning. There is no word how to feel myself now. So Good night.