It is not  pleasure to wake up….it is already dawn! So I won’t get out of the bed until 7.30 a.m..:) Fortunately,Darling is here with me in the bed for a while and he gets out of the bed only before breakfast. For breakfast tasty cold collation was with tea,then at 8 a.m. we left the island towards our “last ” destination. I fell asleep almost at once outside in sunshine,I think I had slept by 1 p.m….I saw Dani fell asleep as well. We take hard staying awaken until dawn.:D

Underway we saw National Park,islands and military bases ,submarine as well! 🙂

We were sailing for 4-5 hours today ,but relatively it passed fast and by early afternoon we had already arrived at Marseille….We got a quite good place at the port ( which is huge) and through the window we can have a view of lots of nice buildings as well.:)

It was not so easy to communicate with the port,but I could do it. As we sailed into the huge port ,the aise came by motorboat then he navigated us to our place. It was an easy mooring then again I and our aide went to the office to do the usual  paper work. Darling came by dinghy in order not to be problem.:) Dear.!


We returned to the ship and discussed the afternoon’s doings. Tomi started to make Hungarian Beef paprika stew,Mum jagged dumpling. We ate all with mied pickles…..(about 4 p.m.) and it was so tasty that I ate from it twice. In the afternoon it was free time activitiy ,we went to the Christmas fair which was so cosy than in Budapest.:)

Dani and me went to buy some souvenirs 3-minute from the port….and I saw so amazing that I almost fainted.:D Two little dogs were sitting on a motorbike wearing tiny sunglasses and clothes. I was looking at them for a while when they started to move.:D I was totally amazed.


After it and buying some pins,postcards and any other things ,returned to the ship…but before we would have entered the gate of the port ….what can I see?? These are the two little dogs,aren’t they?! Their owner was playing ball with them. He gave me the two little dogs to hold them in my hands and take photos…he saw that I was amazed. 🙂 Who wouldn’t be????? Both of them are cute. Prada and Chopin.

I was playing with them and sat down to have dinner on the ship. We spent most part of the evening playing board game because that was Dani and Mum’s last night with us. After all,I will have a shower and sleep. Have a rest!