The 7 Steps To Servicing A Feathering Boat Propeller

Servicing Your Propeller Checklist

  • Wiggle the prop shaft. If there’s any movement in the shaft you may need to have your cutlass bearing replaced. The cutlass bearing is a rubber tube that holds the shaft in place.
  • Replace the rope cutter spacers for new ones.
  • Grease the inside of the propeller casing. Consider adding a nipple so you can grease the propeller while under water.
  • Check and replace anodes (propeller and prop shaft). To help make your anodes last longer, add just a small dab of antifoul paint inside the area where the anode is screwed onto the boat. The paint will prevent the anodes from disintegrating around the screw holes.
  • Make sure all the split pins on the cutter casing are intact, put through and bent backward.
  • Sand the blades lightly to get any debris off.
  • Paint the propeller with seven coats of egg whites. After each coat, let it dry and then apply the next coat. This works better for keeping the propeller clean than any high-cost offering on the market.

Servicing A Feathering Boat Propeller Images