Until 5 a.m. it was calm,at that time we woke up at jerking. The wind was blowing so hard that we had to go outside. 35-40kn wind was blowing in the port.


The trees were blent down a bit ,the decorations in front of the hotel were fallen over ,the tarps of the ships were about to fly away. Kundalini is strong enough  so we weren’t afraid that it would be damaged. After Darling had checked the ship again ,went to bed. Personally I got up at 10:30 a.m. next time because of the first waking up early morning. 🙂 Tomi came out of his cabin around 11 a.m., of course Darling was awaken at 8 a.m. again .It is still raining hard,but at least there is no jerking.

After midday’s breakfast me and Tomi listed the weekly menu and made a fast inventory. After we had finished it , I packed up and went to the gym of the hotel to exercise for 1,5 hour.  I enjoyed lifting weights  and hitting the sack again. 🙂 Then I returned to the ship ,the boys were still doing the same than before.  Darling was sitting in front of the screen ,Tomi was cooking. We had lunch letcho ( Hungarian dish) around 3 p.m.


We were resting in the afternoon when I noticed Fabio at the door who is one of our Italian friends. 🙂 I ran to him at once and invited him to the board.  He said if we want ,we can see his ship now . We dressed up  and all of us went with him off by 4 jetties . He has a very nice ship , it seems to be a log hut in The Lord of the Rings inside. =) We were stuck at him for an hour ,were talking and watching ships on the internet. Darling gave him lots of advice what worth buying from the price of his sold ship .

After all, we discussed that he would go with one of his friends and his son the following afternoon because they are very interested in Kundalini. 😀 We were walking back to the ship in the dark and Tomi started to heat the meat soup at once. I was watching videos, Darling was arranging his doings online. We had dinner,I wrote down the happenings and went to have a shower. The cleaning and tidying is left by next day so that Kundalini can be seen in the best condition next afternoon. 🙂

Good night for today!