In the morning I didn’t want to get out of the bed at all. 🙂 At 8:00 a.m. after all I had to get behind of the blanket and went to pay for 4 nights. ( We haven’t had any gas yet ,hope we will get next place). Around 10 a.m. we left as we had planned previous evening. We spent the morning phoning and arranging …we didn’t have lunch. I tried to relax during the journey,but it wasn’t warm enough and there were lots of interesting thing to see. I talked to the ports to learn where it worth mooring. Finally,we decided to moor in Alessio,which is a bit closer to SanRemo than the recluse Genova.  I am looking forward to crossing the border! 🙂 If everything goes well,we will get the last Italian destination!


At 4:15 p.m. we arrived at Marina di Alessio.

Everything went well,including using radio and mooring. After all I walked to the office to get information  and pay for the nights. Local people are very kind and I love Italy!! 😀

The second half of the day happened uneventfully because all of us were using our electronical gadgets. I have to learn online…the rule of the road! So I will deal with this next weeks. 🙂 As soon as I get home, let’s  take exam. Let’s do. The boys will help me to prepare if something is not clear. Anyway my first modul test was   87{0a3b01e70b5661d95046c3bca0af236b64356c9f95613eaea94c445468ba7aa4} ,   in the beginning it is not so bad.

So I returned to the board after arrenging paper work,Tomi made us lunch .They ate risotto with tuna ,I had spaghetti with tomato. YUMMY!

I read that in Alassio there is a place (the little wall) called “Muretto di Alassio” where colourful ceramic glazed tiles can be seen on the wall ,on which famous people’s signatures can be seen such as Sophia Loren, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Ernest Hemingway.  When we arrived it was getting dark ,so we didn’t start. Well, we want to do anything ,we need to go by Dinghy because the downtown is far away from the port.


I did all my daily duties. I bought my plane tickets and we will fly home again with Tomi. I will miss Darling very well because we won’t see each other for more than 1 month . 🙁  I don’t want  to think about it, rather then I go on practising the rule of the road . 😀

Have a nice evening…..let’s go to have a shower and go to bed!