It is 7:30 a.m.,I am hardly awake, but my Darling is already awake to tidy up outside for leaving. Dani gets up at the same time than me, it takes us some minutes to wake up completely to start.We pack everything so that not to fall, I make breakfast and we came out of the port. The weather is nice and peaceful sea welcome us.

I relaxed immediately, Dani navigated the ship, my Darling controlled all his moments. 🙂

Few hours later… find out what happens when I wake up?.. We met again a man who was waiting to be rescued. The boys made me wake up because of it. Now the engine stopped in a fisherman’s boat. I didn’t know where I was, but I took my shoes and I pulled Dinghy in so that not to come upon the pulling rope. I don’t understand anybody here. We have a such similar adventure in every second day. 😀

After we had saved and had towed the man succesfully, the help arrived for him. These moments are full of pleasure. Fortunately, we didn’t have to digress because of it and we could go on our journey towards Almeria. I decided it was the time to have lunch and until the instant soup was ready, I took the frozen pizza into the oven. 🙂 Hmm, all of them are so ‘healthy’ food.


After we had eaten, we relaxed. Of course, later I chop two apples and a pear up or dessert.. the hours passed and we went and went.

I miss the exercise beside sitting all day, so my Darling thought and jumped into Dinghy during the journey. 😀 He rode two circuits around the ship, then he came back. That’s all.

Between 5 and 6 p.m.,we reached the entrance of the port. However, during the day, it was not clear if we would have free place there. Our ship is often too big to fit and that’s why hey can’t provide proper place for us. Now, we had  luck and two hours before the arrival, I had phoned if they could provide place for us.

The port is really small, but at least we have a place. We don’t complain, we had some help in the mooring.:)This is a  perfect place, it is the second one right side of the entrance.

After we had arrived, I pick myself up to arrange the things concerning the port and shopping. After 8 p.m.,I returned back to the ship well packed. I didn’t hurry… I can’t say, it has been my best day since the departure…but soon it will end. In the evening the boys were playing a bit with Xbox, I made a tasty dinner, wrote the blog and finally we took a shower. Everybody washes his/her hair, the boys shaved and walked into the deck.We will probably spend the following days here because  storm is coming.

Have a nice evening, I come back tomorrow. 🙂