At 8 a.m. we woke up for beautiful morning 🙂 I made hot sandwich with tea for breakfast. About 9 a.m. we unmoored and sailed to the closest  jetty near the office, my Darling set the ship in opposite direction  as that I could jump out again. On the next ship the crew is usually frightened because they don’t know what to happen, though for us this is a normal attraction. 😀

Fortunately, the office was opened, I could handle all the things within 5 minutes then ran back to the deck. My Darling backed the ship to the jetty, I jumped in. Today the sun is shining, we will love the journey. Today the best thing was when we pulled the smaller Gennaker up (there are two of them.,one of them is 120nm,the other one is 240nm). My hands are still hurting, but it was a beautiful scenery in the wind. 🙂

After pulling it up, nearly soon I saw 2 amazing things. 🙂 Two dolphins came up to the surface close to the ship, but I couldn’t take photos of them. During the remaining part of the journey, we saw beautiful landscape, but beside it nothing else special.

By around 2 p.m. we had arrived at the next place. I called them via radio to arrive. A perfect unmooring could be seen on the coast. The place is peaceful, calm and quiet. I very like the big cliff next to the entrance. 🙂

After arrival, we didn’t hurry up… tydying up everything, later we decided to walk to look around the city and have a tasty lunch in a restaurant of the port. 🙂

I had chicken breast as usual, my Darling ordered lamp chop for lunch. It was very delicious. The best thing was that I haven’t had to cook today. 🙂

After lunch we filled the water tank on the ship (1300 l), when I was unsetting the end of the water pipe, water was sprinkled onto my face! 😀

So it happened with me, then I changed my clothes and went to find a shop..but since it was Sunday every shop were closed, I returned, my Darling beded my bike in then I left again, perhaps I would find a shop further.:)Meanwhile my Darling was cleaning the ship and mending something.

I found some cool things and I could do the shopping in a randomly found shop.

Around 8 p.m. we were on the deck again, took the bike apart, tidied everything outside and went in finally. I am writing a bit,for dinner I have put a pumpkin into the oven.  Looking up the clock, it is 11:20p.m again, we eat the pumpkin then go to bed. Next morning we are leaving and soon arrive there from where we will go home.

Have a nice evening. I will come back. 🙂