In the morning we woke up for sun shining so I would rather got up .:)

I made the cacao and sandwiches and put on light clothes. It was some minutes past 9 a.m. and we left the coast. I said goodbye the port via radio and we were on the amazing sea.Today there are no big waves ,but the wind isn’t blowing ….however the sun is shining! I missed it very much.:)


My Darling took the 127nm Genakker and we tried how to pull it up. Cool!

We have been sailing for 2,5 hours today and arrived at port of Burriananova where we hadn’t planned to stop ,but we thought we don’t have to sail too much since we have much time. We got reply via radio immediately ,moreover they can speak English ,so I am amazed.:) Our place is huge ,the mooring was easy with two helpers and the area is peaceful. Do we not need more?

After mooring ,my Darling and me went to the captaincy to arrange the paper work and it was a shock because the port was so cheap that we haven’t experienced any similar during our journey. The standard of the port is the best and we didn’t understand why it is much cheaper than the others. We like being here!!

After the administration work ,I went hand in hand with my husband to find shops.

We had to walk for only 10 minutes when we found a good shop. We did the shopping and returned to the ship. My darling started to make Hungarian pork and sauerkraut casseroles while I was doing the washing up and tidying. It was very tasty,thanks for your effort my Honey.:)

After luncj we relaxed a bit then my Darling walked. During that time I was tidying all the forecastle,the clothes and everything which I could ,I prepared them to return back home.:) I saved lots of time for myself in advance….

After all I made a tasty dessert for us …


My Darling told me that sun would set soon and go to see it each other. We took some photos outside,then we returned to the deck. It is so romantic!:)

I am writing,my Darling is planning other thing. We talked that we would watch a film in that wonderful day. It is 9:30 p.m.,the film starts soon before it we take a shower …. Be good and sweet dreams!:)