Early rises, orange scouring, resting on the road, calm sea … what more do you need?

After a couple of hours of march we arrived at our next station where we decided to anchor for the night. We stopped in a beautiful little bay, where we were finally welcomed by a calm environment.

As soon as we got there, we started to put together some good brassói with Dani. Meanwhile, there was a small technical problem that ÉDES tried to solve. After cooking, I started uploading and organizing the images. Route planning and a common lunch followed by rest.


With Dani we still had enough strength to take a quick tour of the city, so we caught up and started off with Dinghy to the shore.

I found treasures today, but only the most beautiful came with me. :))))

We can have a nice day behind us, finally there is rest. I have things to pack and wash, then I even have a lot of work on the machine while the guys are doing their own little things. I’m gonna look up at the clock and it’s already midnight … big silence, they are both sleeping.. I did not even shower. Maybe I should not have caught that capuccion tonight. :))

But anyway, I’ll take care of myself for tomorrow. I wish you all a good night! I’ll be back…