We had planned to wake up at 8 a.m. in order to go sail away at 9 a.m. Of course my Darling set the alarm clock by 7:31 a.m. (I noticed it by chance) and I wasn’t so glad . 😀

However, we got up at 8 a.m.,so I don’t understand the snooze function. I hate it.

A fast washing up, tidying and after breakfast both of us were in the cockpit. The ropes were collected ,Dinghy was dragged in. Say goodbye from the port via radio and bye.

As we sailed out of the port of Cambrils ,it started to rain…..however ,we hoped  the weather would be nice according to all the weather forecasts. We spent two and half hours in the storm -by lightning ,rain and thunder. I covered myself with blanket outside and slumbered while my Darling was following the happenings.

In the second hour of sailing it happened something what I have wanted to experience,but it has not been happened so far….Warning! I was close to cry because I was overcome by a spectacle. 🙂

A tiny bird flew in the cockpit because it was wet and it seemed that it was very tired . Oh my God ….it was so tiny . It stayed out of the rain below the sun collector to take a rest.

We were looking at it awhile…it flew out and returned immediately…Then it stopped raining ,it flew away…

Few hours later sunshine and calm sea came with us to the port of L’Ampolla.It seems as if the photos hadn’t been taken on the same day….

I called the port via radio to enter then we had a place at the first jetty line. ( An old man came to help,but sincerely we didn’t need him). An another cool mooring ,ladies and gentlemen. We arrived. 🙂

It is a quite super,peaceful place. I started to warm the Bolognese pasta up right now.


After we engorged the all , I did he washing up,I hoovered the residence and went to the captaincy to arrange

Meanwhile my Darling could have a rest at last. After all we started to find a shop. The greatest thing was that there was a big SPAR behind the captaincy’s building ,so we didn’t have to go more than 100 metres.

After shopping ,we returned to the deck and walked to the”shipping”shop next to us ,it was released that in fact it was a fishing shop. I didn’t mind , I bought a metre of rope to repair a bracelet . 🙂

We were a shop where you can buy everything ,I saw a beautiful medusan thing.I loved that.


My Darling took a photo of me on the river wall… Feel the sunshine! I won’t take my soft boots off !!!!! :))))))


Back to the ship… snack time. We ate fresh,tasty baguetts with peanut butter and strawbery. What is it if it is not extra gourmet? :))))

Our series followed snack ,we saw 2-3 epizodes after the others and I am here. It is 10 p.m.,a fast documentation and as soon as my Darling comes back from walking ,it is possible that shower will come and dinner or dinner and shower. :

I hope you have had a nice day. Hurrah for spring!