We got up at 9 a.m.,however we don’t have any interesting plan for today. I made cocoa and we ate biscuit. 🙂

My Darling switched a “new” series on which we very liked….After two epizodes I warmed the pea soup which I made yesterday,we ate it then my Darling started to prepare bolognese spaghetti. It was perfect!!!! 🙂

After a half an hour-digestion,we were ready to ride a bike.


I took the shopping backpacks and we darted to fill the fridge. The Spar in the corner served our needs perfectly except they don’t sell pepperoni,rum flavour and canned sour cherry. 😀

We had been in 3 shops at least by the time we bought all the products we needed ,then we brought the all back to the ship. After all we we were walking along the coast in opposite direction of last day’s trip. This place is so beautiful that I am amazed every day……

Returning we decided to have a look around to get sweets….we didn’t have to ride for a long time because few minutes later we found ourselves in front of a candy shop. 🙂 We bought one-one piece from every kind of candy. I was looking forward to returning back to the deck to taste the all.  Yummy……..


I think it was surmised that only little would be left for the next day….but I must take care of ourselves!

By the way, tomorrow it will be 13th Friday ,we are sailing away because the weather will be nice ,it is perfect to sail. About 6:30 p.m. I also went to the office to give the port key back and arrange everything.


Meanwhile my Darling carried the water out of the Dinghy which stayed in it after the rainfalls , then he filled the ship tank with water. Afterwards, we were together again in peace and calm.

Switching on Tv and we are watching I don’t know which series of our latest series…. 🙂 Meanwhile my Darling was preparing me so tasty sandwich that I can’t find any word to describe it…. it was so tasty that I can’t express properly. I love it. After dinner there was a little snack…

We saw 3 epizodes at least ,then I sat down to document today. It is 11 p.m., the time passed so fast and now I am going to take a shower. Well, we spent these few says in Cambrils in this way …. like a retired couple.

Being well rested, we are ready to start. Have a nice evening !