My Darling got up at night to arrange puffers ,leastwise he told me that. 🙂 I was speeping when he got up to pack up outside. In the morning we wook up late …about 10.30 a.m. we could got up . 🙂 I know it is sass…but be calm it does not happen every day. 😀

We started the morning with cocoa and dipping biscuits then both of us arranged,organised ,planned the affairs on our small machines. I called some ports to know how much May’s ship storage would cost.I made some notes and wrote the calendar completely almost for the whole summer. 🙂 We bought the plane tickets..We will have been at home by the 1st May. Everything is planned so we will meet soon !!

For lunch we ate pea soup ..then in the afternoon we picked ourselves up,dressed up ,took the bikes and rode to the captaincy to pay for another 2 nights. It is so good to be here…I wish I stayed here until leaving in this port. In the office they like us very well. They gave us a bottle of olive oil as a gift.  😀 They are very cute..


Then we started in one direction and rode along the coast … this holiday resort is much more beautiful than I thought it before . I love it! I could live here.

By the time we came back ,the wind had blown the warmth from me .We became hungry about 5 p.m. ..and my Darling told me to find a place where we could buy hamburger. He didn’t have to convince Miss leper..:D

We had been riding a bike around-around on the coast by the time “we couldn’t find any place where to buy hamburger “and finally we found a place which was perfect for both of us. It was very delicious ,here are the pictures! :

In the end of our snack ,we got two lollipops and Limocello as a gift ,after all I had to ride a bike. 🙂 They were very kind and we experienced similar hospitality max in Greece. ( Nothing is better than Greece)

The last project for today was that we fill our water supply,buy fresh bread and some snack in a Spar. 🙂 The task is completed! Let’s go back to the deck. It was so dark. I am writing because I have a little leeway.. I am tydying ,doing the washing up and the all which have not been ready ,now I am doing. 🙂 My Darling relaxed a bit ,Tv is switched on and all was quiet. It is 9p.m.,I finished everything . I am taking a shower soon and I thing we will watch a movie then we will go to sleep in the huge bed. 🙂

Have a nice evening!