We have wooken up at cloudy day,but despite the bad weather ,we took for a walk. 🙂


We looked for a bakery to buy fresh baguettes for evening then we went to the captaincy to pay for another night.

Returning Kundalini ,my darling made pea soup and bellies with potato. Who has similar husband? Those who has ,please tell me because I would enter him a best husbands’ competition.. 🙂

After lunch we jumped in Dinghy and sailed away to the laundromat on the other side of the port. Here we had a little problem which we realized only in the end of the 40-minute washing ,namely the washing machine didn’t work. We returned to the deck…At the captaincy people said the water service was closed at that time everywhere and that must have been the problem. Cool! Few hours later we tried again and we could wash our clothes throwing 3 Euros into the machine.

Today we have seen our 5-season series which means 60-hour sitting in front of the tv screen. Oh my God …It is goog thing that we exercise enough otherwise I would feel myself very badly now.

We spent the afternoon in that way. For dinner we engorged fresh baguettes with spicy cream cheese ,onion and tomatoes…. Yummyyy!

Then around 11 p.m. we hurried to outside bath in the rain because I had already planned hair wash project by the previous day as well….but we were so lazy. The bath is ok as well as the whole port. The shower is hot with appropiate water pressure and plenty of racks and mirrors. I emphasize these things because all the baths are not so well-equipped than this one.:)

We went to bed around midnight and nobody had to make us sleep …..we immediately fell a sleep. I will continue tomorrow…Have a nice evening!