We had got up by 10:20 a.m.:D Today the sun isn’t shining ,but the weather is suitable to do anything.My Darling rode a bike to shop,but he didn’t find what he wanted. ( He needs a plexi sheet behind to Raymarine Chartplotter). Meanwhile I got ready and tidied the third fridge . I called two ports in Tenerife because we have to choose the destination.We have to book a place where we will stop in July and be staying for months.Then new adventures will wait for us. I have found two possible ports so far,but we haven’t decided yet.

It is 12:40 a.m.,but we didn’t have breakfast ,but we are not hungry either…I don’t understand how it can be possible these days.

I looked around in the kitchen what ingredients there are to cook because we have to eat something! There is baguett,I dubbed it with a special Spanish garlicky cream and put on it a little mozarella.:) After all me and my Darling sat down to edit the new website ,then we tried to pull a cable in the panel behind the captain desk. It was not an easy task.

In the afternoon I rode a bike to buy fresh pastry in the shop then went back to the deck.

I thought I would sunbath on the bow,but I spent that time on another thing…inside it is very tidy,all the luggage had been packed for travelling and we will be at home again in five days.:) Today we have organised a lot the first week in Hungary because we have lots of doings. Not to mention by the time I  arrive,my younger sister will have been 28 years old and at the  first weekend Mothers’ day will be. Lots of programs had been written down into the calendar which today I had to reorganise with the boys.

I am looking forward to driving again!!!! I will have 20 nice days in Budapest to luxuriate myself  before a 2-month sailing.:) We are preparing for June because we will have plenty of guests and the making video will start with Gergő Szirmai. I forcast that this summer will pass soon..but I will exploit its every moment,I promised it myself!

It is 9:30 p.m,we didn’t have lunch,but we don’t have any appetite. I make some baguetts perhaps we will be hungry.:D.

I have already took a shower,the ship is ready to go. I am waiting for my Darling to finish tidying the technical gadgets,take a shower and watch 1-2 epizode of our new series before going to bed.

I hope you had a lovely day as well. I will come back tomorrow in the end of the long journey.