The alarm clock rang at the same time ,but my Darling checked the weather forecast and the map seeing bourdon he decided to stay here and maybe tomorrow as well. It means that the is rough,but it doensn’t concern us. We are in a very safety port. Today we are relaxing and managing our leeway.:)

Today my first task has been pulling my Darling up to the spar. I don’t want anybody has to do it! It doesn’t  require only strength and endurance,but pulling up to 25m high whom you love ,it is dreadful feeling. It requires responsibility and maximum concentration even if you know exactly what to do ,which rope you have to pull.

When he was on the top ,I took some relaxion and looked at all his motions at the bottom.Then he pulled down a rope to attach a protecting belt,a camera and an implement. He pulled them up ,some minutes later the first seagull appeared….It is bastard! It attacked my Darling. More and more seagulls were flying around him and the tried to jump him. In the port an audience became by the ship. The harbour-master brought his firework and started setting them off to chase the scuzzbags. One of the seagulls wanted to shit my Darling,but it couldn’t …the deck is full of seagull dung. Thanks! We believed it would be better if I pull my Darling down because who knows what big birds can. It was not a good program for morning,but at least later it was calm.:)


After the excitement I walked across to the office which was 5-10 metres from us and paid another two nights just in case. In the big office they sell several beautiful ship clobbers as well which I had to looked at.:) Here are my favourite ones:

After all, I started to make lunch which were three tastes of pasta with pesto and sheep cheese. Then I mixed a Guacamole for evening and I mixed a smoothie. Yummy!!

After eating I rode a bike to do the shopping. Can you see Milka Philadelphia cream cheese? :))) I love the new things, I have to try it!

After returning to Kundalini ,I relaxed at last. Later I finished washing up and tidying the fridges. Today I don’t plan to do any serious thing .:) My Darling went outside to take photos for his Insta site ,while I took a shower and I made the fresh baguetts with mixed guacamole. It was very tasty. It was a perfect dinner with tea.:)

After all around 10p.m. we watched a new series which we liked so much to watch it until 02:30 a.m.. Next day we are staying here so we don’t have get up early. We deserve this little relax! Relax ,Good Night!