In the morning the alarm clock rang at the same time and we got up.:) We tidied inside and outside,got dressed,I made fast eggs for breakfast and we unmoored. Those few days were perfect in this peaceful port,but Alicante is waiting for us where we are going to stay 2 days as well to have a look around before going home.

Today’s journey has been long ,but it has been bearable….despite the fact that it was raining and there were huge waves during the journey. Coming out of the port my Darling handed me the wheel of the ship while he was contorted the sails. I don’t say that that huge ship was easy to stop it from veering off in another direction despite the fact that the sea was rough and the wind was blowing. These are such natural forces that if I don’t experience ,maybe I can’t believe they exist….


We had been sailing for 6 hours in the rain by the time we arrived at the huge harbour of Alicante.At first phoned that we had arrived,then we got to the entrance of the harbour I called them via radio that we were there.

We were guided to a waiting place to settle up the paperwork at first then we would get a place somewhere  among the other ships.. 🙂

We had to wait for another half an hour on the deck because there was power failure in the office.:D This can happen only with me…

After I settled up the issues,we unmoored and started to go on M-point to the place 40 which is the most terminal place next to the biggest ships in the harbour. It is fantastic! We didn’t need any help because there were any mooring ropes ,thank heaven.:)

After the arrival and mooring,I thought that we might eat something because I was very hungry. We considered the possibilities and decided to go to one of the restaurants of the harbour to eat something. We walked wearing waterproof clothes and entered the first sympathic restaurant. I ate a very delicious hamburger ,my Darling ate a french toast. Meanwhile pigeons appeared.:)

After having lunch ,we walked back to the ship and sat down to relax a bit. We watched an epizode of our favourite series,then the sun shined and it was the time to do shopping by bike. I could find the best corner shop ,I did the shopping and I saw the view. The city is beautiful…

I had returned to the deck by sunset,meanwhile my Darling settled up all the important issues. He found  a clarifier which we will look at properly tomorrow.:)

It is the time to make dinner. I have used fresh pasty today as well. After all shower and we watched some new epizodes of our series.I love spending the evenings in this way,all the epizodes are very exciting!!!:) When we felt it was enough for that day,we went into our room and went to bed. I hope you had a nice day. I will come back tomorrow!