This March passed so fast that by the time I had noticed ,it was April. 🙂

I could tell you amply about last month’s happenings ,but I am going to mention the most important ones. I wrote in February last time and that time we were hosting the guests..

I must say, I love British English. Two smiling guys arrived at us. In the evenings we sat to eat or drink together and talked a lot.. They are really “hayseed” British people.  I adore them. 🙂 My Darling woke up early every morning to make them tea and coffee…. However, they didn’t asked it and could have done that ,but no ….. it is our hospitality .:) My Darling ironed even their shirts ,well I had hardly some doings.

The point is that our guests had a nice time during the 4-day conference (us too) and finally we got an extra nice feedback from them. We can say that the first was perfect ! On their last evening (on 28th) Dani arrived who spent about 20 days since that time. Next day we went out ,showed him the city. My Darling had to travel for a week and I stayed with Dani on the board. 😀 Well,that was a beautiful relax-week. We rode a bike every day,cooked (Dani made so tasty dishes ….I was so proud of him !),watched movies and series,played and went to discover Barcelona’s sights. This took us 2 days and we saw lots of beautiful things. I am showing the nicest ones….

Mount Juic:

Güel Park:

Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s classics :

Next day Dani started to go home after my Darling’s arrival…..we didn’t have so much time to be together in the end ,but to sum up this March was cool. 🙂 After all the honey-weeks started. Only my Darling and me. The ship and its cleaning … The “grey”- its 50 shadows and the weekdays. :))) During those weeks when we were only two ,we could arrange a lot of things, we were even in a Hungarian restaurant where the food was so delicious!  Football Barcelona. Of course everything is about it …we are not so interested in this ,but the staffand the dishes were cool. At first we got one-one palinka then a big glass of Sangria with apple,orange , at 1 p.m. I could hradly sit from my seat. 😀 If you can afford ,visit here…

We were going to sail in March ,but during that time our neighbour scraped a bit the side of the ship when he was parking that’s why we had to fight the insurance company for weeks because the damage would be refund .. Last week it was comleted  and it became spring. The first days of April welcomed us with sunshining and 17 Celsius . We went to the shore and my Darling took me some photos while I was doing yoga..:) Here is the Yoga session. Mum,look how skilly I am:

My Darling has been here for nearly half a year ..I remembered it this morning ,I spent only 2 months in Barcelona,but it was enough. It will be strange to sail away from here ,I am used to the place.

I will be again as soon as we leave the coast ,few days later …. 🙂 See you!