1. HELLO EVERYBODY! Happy New Year!

I became one year older. That’s why I am here again.

I am on the board of Kundalini in Barcelona again. I passed my driving test , I have a driving licence.! So I can drive legally everywhere ! ( It was worth suffering for it) ! I am glad because within 1,5 month I was through this exam,I am waiting the following challenge.( Cooking course)

I seem to be only a 17-year old on the photo. Is it cool,isn’t it? :)))))

I go doing yoga ( by bike) almost every day since I am here and I feel myself much more balanced than before. Nothing can put me off from the happy weekdays. The fact that we are together again with my Darling can help a lot. We cook ,bake, arrange the things every day. In the evenings we watch movies and play with X-box.:D

By today I had requested my Darling to take me to the local zoo to visit our “relatives”. :))) I LOVED IT! I am showing some pictures as well..

Bonus. Yesterday my Darling and me went to the hairdresser to be nice today. :))) We did it!

I thought I would write to tell you that we would sail away soon! March is coming …Dani is going to us next week ,but until it we have some little things to do. At this weekend our FIRST guests are arriving at the board! A British guy is coming with his colleague for 4 nights to participate in a conference. We are looking forward to them!! I love British people. 🙂  

Our 3. wedding anniversary will be soon (on 28th). Well, there will be lots of celebration this month …not by accident February is my favourite month! 🙂

I am so tired because today we have been walking for 3-4 hours among the animals ,yesterday I was riding for 3 hours and did yoga as well. I trained myself hard ,the massage is the only thing which I miss in my life. 😀 😀 😀

During that time my Darling made me dinner then he hurried to the shop to buy ingredients for the cake. :))) It is 9 p.m., it is the time to open the wine which I had bought for tonight. Have a nice evening, I will be back soon…

See you later!.