It is completely undue that my Darling already woke up about 7:30 a.m. after the tiring last day…  He went cycling and by the time he had returned , I  woke up. Good Morning everybody!


Danika woke up by the time I had made the cocoa. After breakfast, we picked up ourselves and decided to go the local Decatlon in order to buy some goods… You know ,the baits ….moreover, Dani decided to want to buy something to himself. At 11:20 a.m., we are already waiting for bus L18 , which takes us almost directly to our destination. 🙂 From there we have to walk about 1,5 kilometres.

I didn’t expect that there was any pavement.. ,but we had to walk along the road beside cars. YEAH! It is very “safe”..

After about 23-minute travelling by bus and walking, we got the destination. During the travelling, we saw some car Salon, factories and so on.:)


We found a wide street full of shop like Lidl and Decatlon. The boys disappeared there, I gave myself up to “treasure hunting”. 🙂 I found a lingerie shop.. where there were beautiful, soft specialities.. Laura Biagiotti and other lingeries were bought.


After that I walked into Lidl and I came across a doughnut stand. 🙂 then I searched the guys and went to a local McDonald’s. We didn’t have lunch there, only Danika ate a hamburger. 🙂 Only itself the thought of long walk back to the bus, was tiring. My Darling’s idea was thumbing a lift ( I hate it, so I haven’t overdone it). After nearly 10-15 minutes, two kind guys picked us up.:) One of them is Italian, the other one is Argentine. They asked us where to go. We replied that it would be enough if they took us to the bus, but they were  asking us until they drove to the port. :)) They were very neat. This is the fate… after two rescue, we are helped… We showed them the ship, I kept a rapid showing inside of the ship and they were amazed. 🙂 Kundalini is our little boast. ..

After we had relaxed, me and Dani walked to the shop to get some things ( cheese, chicken breast,etc..), returning back I made a sandwich. I hadn’t stopped as long as I did the strawberry by evening and I did the washing up.


Dani’s task was carpet cleaning and I  hoovered. My Darling was dealt with fitting Raymarine chartplotter and controlling the repairman. He called somebody in order to check the engine of the ship. Just in case. 🙂 I went to the office in order to pay for last few days.

Me and Dani had so much power to start riding a bike to the city. He always needs a pin…However,I started to ride a bike,I felt immediately that something is not ok… The tyre of the back wheel was broken down. It was great!We can find a bike servicing. I called one to whom I tried to explain the problem. .they said that it might be repaired by following day. It didn’t mind, I supposed this problem could be solved in this way., let’s go to the bike shop. It took me 25-minute walking to get the closest service from the port. Meanwhile, Dani was next to me. 🙂

Finally, the service boy undertook the repairing because he saw that the problem is not so big. He set the bikes for 30 minutes, during this time me and Dani drank coke in a bar in the opposite side. 🙂 I payed €15 for the tyre and full checking two bikes all in all. Now, everything is cool, the brakes are good. Let’s go to the city!

I have to highlight that I found my dream wedding dress shop! At last I could see these wonderful dresses in live!

It is late, the wheather is getting windy. .it is the time to returned to the deck. We found a cool place where Dani took some photos of me and we cycled back to the port.

The wind was blowing my head and I was getting cold. It is 8:30 p.m.,my Darling was ready to set Raymarine and he had a carbin backround installed succesfully to the control panel. Today,he did well!  He is a skilly boy… 🙂


After all, I took a shower, dinner and sleeping followed….Tomorrow we are going to leave away. The wind will probably stop and we will have a nice journey until our next destination.

Good night!