We woke up when we wanted… I am glad because we don’t have to go anywhere. 🙂 I ate light biscuit with cocoa for breakfast and me and my Darling went to the shop, meanwhile we observed 62 cats (it revealed later) which were on the coast. Dani was on the deck for some time, we were discovering all the interesting goods in the shop and did the shopping .:)

After returning, my Darling made us very tasty Kundalini burgers for lunch, it is very super!!! We ate a portion almost till one is full, then relax followed it…. A little whisky with coke and Xbox.


Well, after lunch a cigarette was pleasurable, but now recalling I am not so glad.. Don’t smoke! It smells terrible (thus I am holding it by fork) 😀 and it is very harmful. Although it is enough to jaw! It is summer and enjoy the life.


After we had played enough, we decided to walk, but in this time the evil tempted me and I climbed somewhere where I could do my passion…. 🙂

Few minutes later outside, we decided to watch a movie.., but it didn’t work at first and because of the effects of whisky, the boys decided  to go walking early evening in the city  🙂 Me didn’t give the exercise up here either…

Our first route was led to the shop and all of us took a bottle of drink (Dani dropped one in the shop).However, a pressure cooker was the greatest experience was bought in half price and we considered it was the coolest thing of that day. From here Dani carried it through the city. 😀 Meanwhile, I made (compromited) videos of the guys  one after another. I had a fun of them. I think we were strolling for 1 or 1,5 hour in the area, before we would have returned to the ship, we saw the cats on the coast.

It is so late, we aren’t watching film today… The boys are so tired, I encouraged my Darling to take a shower. Dani laid down on the bean-bag in the living room and when we returned, he was laying in the same position.:D It was a nice day….. Have a similar nice day full of experience next day! Bye!