We have slept late today…9 a.m. passed when we got up.I adore the weather is so nice so we needn’t heating either.:)

Today we do nothing. I do the washing up,make the breakfast then I do some exercises (plank,footwork ans don’t forget the arms). My Darling is doing something outside.

After we walked to look at the clarifier. It was released that it is a very expensive machine ,but this is used several times ,it is in perfect condition,so much cheaper one. My Darling decided to buy it. Therefore we have to organise to have it delivered to our destination.

The weather is nice today. I feel that the season starts soon…

We walked back to the deck then I started to make lunch.


After we ate the chicken breast with cheese ,we relaxed again.:)

I started to tidy ,my Darling was relaxing in the cockpit and rode a bike around the port. At 6 p.m. so huge ship passed among the luxurious yachts that I couldn’t see its poop at first… Can you imagine how big a 133-feet sailing boat to us?? If our ship is 56-feet and it is considered big…..This is so huge! 🙂


It is 7:30 p.m.,it is the time to watch 1-2 epizode of our favourite series….However we are going to get up early and leave to our penult destination ,but if the weather is nice ,we can get there next afternoon. We will see it…

Have a nice evening! We will come back soon.:)