This morning I have woken up unusually fresh , it was suspect..:) This happens when I don’t wake up on ringing of the alarm clock. I told my Darling ,it might past 8 .He looked at the clock and it was 9 a.m.:D I got the morning and I didn’t regret at all that the alarm clock wasn’t been set .After all we got up and we were ready to start.

It was easy to unmoor ,I am good at it and do it methodically .:)

We were travelling for 5 hours in upwind,against huge waves in the sunshine.

Pizza was for dinner because I wouldn’t have endured rolling at the bottom for a long time  …after eating I was dreaming a bit.:)

Then, at 2 p.m. I called the port of  Torrevieja to come. In Real Club Nautico  I was told there was no free place because they prepare to the weekend’s regatta. It is COOL. The communication with them is difficult. I should find another port.Fortunately, Marina Internacional was next to us where there was a place for us. The depth was disquieting since the ship can dip into 2,5 m depth,but they solved the problem,we got the place which is for the biggest ships.:)

Two guys came to help after I called them about twice via radio. The mooring was a bit more difficult because of the wind ,but you know… Darling is a whiz. The two guys are less pro than him so I had to jump out to set the ropes on the coast. We had moored by 2:45 p.m.

The office opens at 4 p.m.,I will do the washing up and tidy until it.

The relax was enough, I started to find shop on foot until the office opened. It is a lovely town ,but I was not so amazed than for example Calpe. :))

I could discover the area and do the shopping within 1 hour later I walked back to the deck to pack the loot.:)

I didn’t sit down either ,I went to the office to do some paperwork.Well….the cooler this building looks like outside,the more catastrophic it is inside. As I entered ,crowd of people gathered because everybody wanted to go about their lawful occasions. Not to mention the smell…..Unfortunately,I had to wait my turn came.After all I had some difficulty in communication with the Spanish woman.

We settled our affairs and walked back to the ship. I decided to eat so I started to fry the chicken breast.:)

After all, I rejoiced myself with a shower then I sat down next to my Darling to watch the last 1-2 episode of our series. Later my Darling wanted to watch a film  so we went to bed about 1 a.m again. 🙂

Tomorow we are going to arrive the last destination! I am looking forward to it….Good Night!