As if I pushed the repeat button every morning… 😀 It is 6:30 a.m.,Darling jumps out of the bed and by the time I had got up ,we were sailing. We didn’t tank ,didn’t get gas and didn’t visit the city either. There is no problem ,after 8 a.m. I came out behind the blanket . I looked at the boys ,they were sitting outside in the cockpit and fought against the wind. 🙂 The wind is changing for an hour …I stayed down because it is so cold that the breath can be seen . I am wearing 5 layers of clothes ,cap and waterproof trousers as well! I saw 2 bowls in the dishwasher ,so I suppose the boys had cereals for breakfast. I ate an green apple with 2-3 pieces of cookies. Underway I used the computer down I felt that something went wrong…. By minute  I was getting worse ,however generally I am fine down. 🙂

I thought I go to get a bit of air maybe I feel better ,but it was too late. Darling took me to vomit on the platform ,well it can’t be embellished…..I vomitted the green apple. 😀

After it I felt better , I ate some cookies and stayed outside in the cold weather for a while. Only 2 hours later we are going to get the last Italian destination. I can’t remember the journey ,bit I’m sure it was raining and it was quite cold. On one of the pictures you can see the snowy  hilltop. 🙂

We arrived at Sanremo and the sun was getting to shine .


The city has a very nice port. I can commend it. The communication with the tower went easily and they welcomed us very kindly.

After mooring ,me and Tomi went to the office to arrange paper work,pay and get information. Darling is in the background. It is a very rare moment..

Darling were staying on the board until we returned ,then me and Tomi went to buy pizza. This city is very nice. I love it!

In this interesting and phenomenal restaurant we bought 3 pizza finally.

Back to the moored dinghy  and hurried to the ship in order to eat soon. It is after 3 p.m….


When we returned back Kundalini , we ate the pizza on the board outside. 🙂 The sun was shining and wearing pullover we enjoyed the nice weather. After lunch Darling swepped Tomi and Darling came with me to get gas. 🙂  We were so happy to get bottles at last and we can cook again! After all I started to learn the rule of the role and tried to memorise the second modul…. it was not so successful. It doesn’t mind ,the sunset is very beautiful…


For dinner Tomi was making us pancake while me and Darling was arranging our affairs. Thanks! Since then Darling has taken me to the coast by dinghy to take a shower and wash hair. It was very good,the bathroom of the port is very cultured . It is 11:00 p.m., it is the time to go to bed.  I am looking forward to the next day. I am so excited because at last we crossed the French border!!!! I love them too. 😀

Have a wonderful November night !