The alarm clock woke me up early in the morning, but today we haven’t gone far away. The sunrise is very amazing, the weather is nice and I am not so tired than in last few days. We pulled the anchor up and left to our next destination. I watched a new epizode of my actual series, but nothing special happened during the journey.

When were only half an hour distance from Garrucha’s port, I started to phone, perhaps somebody answered it…but there was any answer. When we got to the port, I was trying to reach anybody on the radio, there was no answer again. Therefore, we got the most sympathic place wantonly and settled in here comfortably. :)The jetty are covered by seagull’s shits,but if even there is no answer what do we expect?..

After the mooring, I began to make pancake. Yummy!! There was no pancake left, I did the washing up, then all of us had relaxed a bit before leaving to visit the city. It is 1p.m.,it is even so early, but I think everybody is fine. Dani fall asleep by the dinner table and me and my Darling almost flashed when he woke up.:D So we left discovering the area. Meanwhile, we checked there is any harbour-master or anybody,  but all were closed… I don’t understand what have people to say for themselves here?

It doesn’t mind, we walked around the city, went into plenty of shops and discovered lots of beautiful gifts again.

There were some not so good gifts too, I took some photos of these because I couldn’t believe my eyes!! 😀

After the shopping, we sat down to have second lunch, my Darling gorged a Calamari, me and Dani had a sandwich. After all, we went to the shore and took some photos of the landscape on dry land. 🙂

After walking, we returned back to the ship.. checked the office, but it was still closed. It was ‘fantastic.’ Then, we did what to want. I did the blog, the boys worked a bit and washed the sides of the ship.

It is 6:45 p.m.,it is the time to try to call the office again, perhaps it will be answer now. I can see by the distance that a little door is opened on the side of the container. I went there with the documents and I tried to understand the Spanish port guy’s speaking.


He is very young who can’t speak other language beside his mother tongue.:)After all, I could told him what I wanted.There are some problems here, especially in communication (phone and radio) and clearness. It is not only the jetty is shitty, but the wind is blowing the sand towards us because of working on the deck. Consequently, we have to wash the ship….

Since today it is the time of season, we paid more money for this bad service. The boys dealt with this issue immediately and began their attack against the port online. It is 7:35p.m.,I think, it is the time to watch a movie… then have dinner. 🙂 It is nearly midnight,but I am still writing the blog,the boys are already in bed.. We are going to get up very early tomorrow because the journey will be long.. Goodby!

Sweet dreams!