We woke up at 8:30 a.m. almost at the same time. 🙂 We had breakfast then I started to practice taking test online exams. My result was much better before. I am very glad. :)Darling is learning as well ,but he is learning about Mavic’s navigation, colouring of the videos and he is editing continually. After all my tests succeeded ,me and Tomi went to the laundromat and while we were waiting ,went to window-shopping. All the shops are closed! I saw a pet shop which was closed too and a little puppy was in….maybe  he was the shop keeper? 😀

The streets are so empty like in a ghost city.

Fantastic. Well,they started to make the Christmas fair for somebody….

It was so hard,at least by the 4th attempt we had almost given up ….when we found a small SPAR and bought the necessary things 5 minutes before closing. I found extra beers…


After all we hurried up back to the laundromat to pack everything to the dryer. We were waiting there for another 1,5 hour because there was only one dryer machine.I was getting hungry. It was after 2 p.m., I had eaten only a small sandwich for breakfast. We survived it, went to the dinghy carrying 5 sacks and from there back to Kundalini. 🙂 Tomi started to cook the pasta right now,I selected the clothes,bedclothes, tied up and the lunch was ready. Darling had the drone flied ,showed its new technics and sat to have lunch.

Because today we haven’t been able to buy any meat ,the menu has changed ,I had lunch noodle with poppy seed as well!! 🙂   They boys had noodle with cottage cheese and bacon. Thanks everything for Mum!

After lunch a little relax ,but I started to learn and take test rule of the road exam. I try to memorise the correct answers for the difficult quenstions. Darling and Tomi went by Dinghy to take videos about the island then at 5 p.m.,they returned and I finished my third test exam too.

After all I saw a very sad film….I wish I hadn’t done! Now it doesn’t mind. For dinner Tomi made us risotto with tuna ( EWW),me ate light cacao rolls which Tomi made ,nothing left from it for next day.

It is late ,today I won’t learn more today .I went to take a shower and was waiting Darling in the soft,warm bed to finish cutting the videos. Around 11 p.m., he came ,had taken a shower during this time I was playing my computer. We will have a good night….have the same. 🙂