We will have a very hard day….Early waking as usual,at 7:30 a.m. fried eggs with tea .At 8 a.m. me and Darling walked to the office to give back the key of the port ,returned to the deck and left the jetty. 🙂 I can’t say how long,how cold and rough huge waves crashed against the ship and we were cold outside for more hours.

I covered myself with a blanket despite the fact that I was wearing warm clothes ( a pair of legging,a pair of lounger,1 waterproof +1 T-shirt,1 long sleeves T-shirt,1 pullover,overcoat + SCARF+CAP),but I am still cold.  My tees are cold in spite the fact that I am wearing furry sneakers and long ski socks…I can’t see. Anyway me and the boys are outside all over. During the journey we ate cookies ,I ate 2 bars of kinder,the boys ate another 1-1 bar of Snikers. 😀

It is 3 p.m.,at last light in the end of the tunnel….that is to say here is the port! For me the warmth and food will be miracle. I guess the boys will enjoy them at last. The entry of the port is picturesque. I love the lighthouse and the mountains which are around us.

We are getting in….

I called them to give me some information where to park the ship. For a while I hadn’t got any answer on the radio then suddenly I set my eyes on our guy wearing neon yellow “trash” vest.:) Darling skidded  the ship between 2 ships that 3 people on the coast were surprised on it. We threw them the ropes ,tied us down ,they threw us back the ropes and we arrived. They saw we didn’t need any help. They told us where the office was and left. 🙂

I can’t believe either we arrived or the waves still crash against us as if we were on the open sea. The place is terrible ,but unfortunately we are so big that they can’t situate us anywhere else.We will survive…. this too.

After we drew breath ,me and Darling went to the office to arrange the paper work. We met so cool people that they jollied my day up. 😀 We started to talk to the 3 French people and one of them told us which Hungarian band he knew and he had been in their concert as well….later we listened to the Hungarian Hymn specifically for us.:))))) They are incredible men.I took a photo of them. Each of them is like a film character ,but together this is a comedy. They are very easy-going guys. 😀


After we finished in the office,returned to the deck….meanwhile I was taking photos because it was daylight enough…:)

Along the electric pylons old photos about the port …..I LOVE IT!

…..after returning we tidied. Meanwhile Tomi started to make letcho and I had already hoovered and tidied and the lunch was ready. 🙂 A small piece of pepper didn’t left of all either. After all Tomi went to buy the necessary goods in the shops,I started to write and practise test rule of the road exam,Darling was looking at ports on the internet. This is the situation . We will probably get the last French destination…one of my eyes is crying,the other one is laughing. I love French people! I love this country and their language. I will miss it ,but I miss the nice weather as well….so I look forward to shining in Spain ,we are coming there!!

it is 7 p.m.,I will finish my talking soon…..Tomi returned from the shopping and started to make pancake. 😀 We will eat today again. I go to take a shower then perhaps we will watch a movie before going to bed.

I am attaching today’s photo which can be found opposite Kundalini on the coast anyway. Have a nice evening and sweet dreams Dear Readers. 🙂