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Malaga – Marbella 35NM

Written on 2018-06-19 in Morocco

Hello! In the morning we have left this beautiful harbour relatively early and started sailing to our next destination. The sea is calm, the sun is shining….. making sail. :)) The guys are enjoying that at last the...

Motril – Malaga 43NM

Written on 2018-06-19 in Spain

We got up very early in the morning to get next destination in time. At 7:15 a.m. we left from Motril’s port, after my Darling had told everybody the tasks. In this time, everybody gets tasks and we have to work on...


Motril day 1-2-3-4

Written on 2018-06-18 in Spain

DAY 1 Good Morning! Today is mostly spent on great cleaning and waiting .. Transfer has been done, so that my guests won’t disappear when they arrive. For Breakfast we had omelette with tea. This port is very pleas...


Almeria – Motril 60NM

Written on 2018-06-18 in Spain

Good Morning! It is early morning.. but the scenery is beautiful as the dingies were catching  the first rays of the sun. As we move away from the port, the view is getting more and more amazing. :))   Today we are...


Almeria day 3

Written on 2018-06-16 in Spain

It is completely undue that my Darling already woke up about 7:30 a.m. after the tiring last day…  He went cycling and by the time he had returned , I  woke up. Good Morning everybody! Danika woke up by the time ...

Almeria day 2

Written on 2018-06-15 in Spain

We woke up when we wanted… I am glad because we don’t have to go anywhere. 🙂 I ate light biscuit with cocoa for breakfast and me and my Darling went to the shop, meanwhile we observed 62 cats (it revealed ...

Almeria day 1

Written on 2018-06-14 in Spain

My Darling got up early, I am sure… because I couldn’t open my eyes. The only things the kisses and the terrible headache are which I can remember, it was that kept me half asleep. I asked a painkiller and I ...

Garrucha – Almeria 51NM

Written on 2018-06-13 in Spain

  It is 7:30 a.m.,I am hardly awake, but my Darling is already awake to tidy up outside for leaving. Dani gets up at the same time than me, it takes us some minutes to wake up completely to start.We pack everything ...

Águilas – Garrucha 20NM

Written on 2018-06-12 in Spain

The alarm clock woke me up early in the morning, but today we haven’t gone far away. The sunrise is very amazing, the weather is nice and I am not so tired than in last few days. We pulled the anchor up and left to...


Cartagena – Águilas 30NM

Written on 2018-06-11 in Spain

Early rises, orange scouring, resting on the road, calm sea … what more do you need? After a couple of hours of march we arrived at our next station where we decided to anchor for the night. We stopped in a beauti...


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