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Calpe – Alicante 32NM

Written on 2018-04-28 in Spain

In the morning the alarm clock rang at the same time and we got up.:) We tidied inside and outside,got dressed,I made fast eggs for breakfast and we unmoored. Those few days were perfect in this peaceful port,but Alicant...

Alicante – Torrevieja 24NM

Written on 2018-04-30 in Spain

This morning I have woken up unusually fresh , it was suspect..:) This happens when I don’t wake up on ringing of the alarm clock. I told my Darling ,it might past 8 .He looked at the clock and it was 9 a.m.:D I go...


Written on 2018-04-29 in Spain

We have slept late today…9 a.m. passed when we got up.I adore the weather is so nice so we needn’t heating either.:) Today we do nothing. I do the washing up,make the breakfast then I do some exercises (plank...

Calpe day 2

Written on 2018-04-27 in Spain

We had got up by 10:20 a.m.:D Today the sun isn’t shining ,but the weather is suitable to do anything.My Darling rode a bike to shop,but he didn’t find what he wanted. ( He needs a plexi sheet behind to Raym...

Calpe day 1

Written on 2018-04-26 in Spain

The alarm clock rang at the same time ,but my Darling checked the weather forecast and the map seeing bourdon he decided to stay here and maybe tomorrow as well. It means that the is rough,but it doensn’t concern u...

Denia – Calpe 26NM

Written on 2018-04-25 in Spain

At 8 a.m. we woke up for beautiful morning 🙂 I made hot sandwich with tea for breakfast. About 9 a.m. we unmoored and sailed to the closest  jetty near the office, my Darling set the ship in opposite direction  as t...

Valencia – Gandia – Denia 45NM

Written on 2018-04-24 in Spain

Good Morning Valencia! We are leaving.:) At 9 a.m. we were preparing to unmoor ,but of course the office is closed at this time…I went slowly with the entry cards towards the office and I hoped that it would have b...

Valencia day 1-2

Written on 2018-04-23 in Spain

Unfortunately my two-day article was lost because of setting the new system so I can show the two day’s happenings only in pictures. Maybe you will enjoy this article in this was too. If you have any question about...


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