I set the alarm clock by 8:30 a.m to have enough time to everything. I packed the dirty clothes to wash and went to buy my grandfather the Barcelona dream shirt which I had seen yesterday. 🙂 I exchanged some changes to the washing machines and bought some pastries at the bakery. I hurried back home .Tomi has already come and started washing the clothes. It is 11 a.m. and we haven’t had breakfast yet …..it is the time to have. A fast hot sandwich and I have wrung orange for today as well. 🙂 We pack,clean and it is 1 p.m.,call a taxi and we are waiting … this part is the worst! My Darling is nervous a bit ,I can see ….I also seem to be so nervous for a week.

Our taxi arrived after 40 excessive minutes . We packed the luggage into the car and me and my Darling went to the Plaza ,he got out there and we were away from each other so fast that I couldn’t believe it. I was looking at him wearing blue clothes ….waving me in the street. I also waved him through the rear window   until he became smaller and smaller because of the distance. I don’t know how I bore without any crying. I think there is chaos in my mind ,I don’t know what happens and plenty of things are in my mind.

During the travelling to the airport we saw lots of beautiful buildings. We saw almost the most sightseeings in some form or other. 🙂

Although what was so terrifying,during half-an-hour travelling we saw also 2 motorcycle accidents that is lying motorcycles on the road and lying men along the road. I suggest to see the following pictures if you have strong nerves …

We got the airport much earlier than we thought so we could check-in right now that is why we could go look around without luggage.

As we haven’t eaten too much today ,we thought a lunch would be good. We found some so expensive chow halls,finally Tomi convinced me to eat a menu in Burger because it is good.:D  Well,I let him …I never eat out in this place like this ,I don’t mind this only one occasion.Hamburger-chips-coke ! This is the lunch. We became so tired after having lunch ….we could hardly trail along to the departure gate. There was so long queue ,but we don’t mind…. we always travel the most up-stage. 🙂

We took off the plane,took off…. I left my heart in Barcelona. I miss my Darling very much if it is gooey or not. I MISS HIM VERY MUCH!

During the journey I was talking a woman and her daughter who were sitting next to me, from this a nice business relationship might be. 🙂 I wish it would be! Namely the written words have power! I hope everybody knows it. You have to write down what to want exactly and it will come true by and by. It is 7:35 p.m.,landing.


It is cold I feel emptiness ,but my other part is glad to be at home.Tomi fell asleep during the flying ,even the turbulence didn’t bother him. :)Dani called for us by car and took us me to the office. Tomi was picked up here, I stayed to hang out with ” my little son”. :))))

I got a whole office which will be my home for a month until I pass the exam. I received such kind welcome  that it touched me . A nice room welcomed me decorated by christmas decorations ,aromatic candles and making bed.

Despite this I can not say that I could fall asleep easily ,but I coudn’t say that I slept well ….it wasn’t so good to go to bed without my Darling,but I survived.

SEE YOU next year again…